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About Us

Kenosha is an engineering and procurement company with construction management and inspection services.  Kenosha was founded to match experience with execution tailored for fast-paced projects with quality and cost in mind. Our experience over our careers has taught us that to be successful in the energy and industrial heavy construction industry, it requires flexibility and responsiveness and most importantly strong long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

Our engineering and procurement team has the experience to deliver a successful project, but our relationships with our clients drive the value to create enduring partnerships.  We believe that the ability of a company to maintain resources in a project on a consistent basis is critical for project success and performance improvement. That valued and consistent partnership drives collaboration which permeates throughout all of the stakeholders in a project for a more efficient execution model that can be repeated from one opportunity to the next. 

Our construction management and inspection team consists of highly experienced, proven professionals who know how to focus on execution and provide superior quality assurance.  We offer customizable field services to fit your needs for everything from supporting in-house constructability reviews throughout engineering design; to providing EPC quality and construction support; to field engineering, inspections and claims mitigation.  We can work directly with the engineering team through the project lifecycle to provide a seamless transition from the office to the field and minimize overall project costs.

We know that a project goes beyond cost and schedule and we deliver on our commitments to continuously improve with every partner, on every opportunity and at all stages.  

Meet our Co-founders

Johnny Maitlen

Johnny Maitlen

President & CEO

Johnny Maitlen, a US Army veteran, has received industry recognition throughout his career both nationally and internationally in the field of welding, construction management, and quality. His career experience ranges from pipelines and refineries to infrastructure, chemical and power projects (both fossil fuel and green energy). Johnny has overseen a wide range of projects from as small as $20K to as large as $1.5B+, all of which were handled with the same care and attention to detail with an eye on the bottom line and client relations. While being a strong advocate for the trades and a leading example to the upcoming youth entering the industry, Johnny has been a continuous key speaker for the American Welding Society (AWS), local area schools and materials/welding consultant for DoE projects.

Jose Brena

Jose Brena

Senior Vice President & COO

Jose Brena has more than 25 years of experience leading teams in construction management activities including cost, planning, scheduling, estimation, and business line project management and engineering development. Jose uses his experience and well-versed knowledge in project controls to quickly identify resource and schedule constraints. He establishes professional personal relationships with clients and diverse project teams to steer large groups in growth, development, and performance activities to review gaps and find immediate solutions for cost reduction and program improvement.

Meet the Project and Discipline Leadership Team


Damien Beller

VP of Engineering


Katie Hagerty

VP of Business Management

Greg Satriano

Greg Satriano

Sr. Project Manager, Facilities

John Anderson

John Anderson

Sr. Project Manager, Pipeline/Facilities

Peter Johnston – Piping Department Manager

Peter Johnston

Piping Department Manager

Charley Kruse

Charley Kruse

Project Manager / Pipeline Engineer

Ashley Rogers – Document Control Manager

Ashley Rogers

Document Control Manager

Safety at Kenosha

We at Kenosha EPC are dedicated to Safety & Health in all aspects of our work and personal lives as a Core Value. It is our policy to provide a work environment that is inherently safe as the safety and health of our employees is of primary importance.

We are fully committed to:

safety at Kenosha EPC