Kenosha EPC has been responsible for MPP (Mechanical, Process, and Plumbing) engineering and design, and all auxiliary steel for pipe supports on a 300,000 sq. ft. facility, which is to produce cathode materials for EV battery manufacturing in Austin, TX. Our scope also expanded to include construction support and follow-on scope additions.

The project includes over 35,000 linear feet of process piping, 15,000 lf of ductwork, and 15,000 lf of plumbing piping, and 63 tons of pipe rack and misc pipe support steel.

Kenosha EPC was also responsible for all MPP design and auxiliary steel for pipe/duct supports on another heavy utility facility being designed on the same electric vehicle manufacturing complex in Austin, TX.

This project scope includes over 10,000 linear feet of process piping, 4,000 lf of ductwork, and 7,000 linear feet of plumbing piping.

Kenosha has helped lead the effort to better define PSA and support design prior to contractor IFF, greatly reducing change orders and rework cost for improperly supported piping by contractors.

This initiative was started on the one project, but has been implemented on all ongoing projects at the Gigafactory and is now standard practice for the owner moving forward. This scope has included:

  • Pipe stress analysis on pipes up to 36” diameter and spanning thousands of feet through the plant. On materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, and CPVC
  • Stress engineers create stress drawings (either isos or on plans/elevations) for designers to implement in the model.
  • Designers have created a library of hundreds of different pipe support families in Revit with all
    information in the BIM model to pull out complete schedules with specific ordering, fabrication, and installation information.

Ongoing RFI support and working with construction to address under-supported pipes and pipe
vibration on designs installed prior to this new implementation.

Aside from these specific projects, we have a number of engineers and designers acting in staff
augmentation roles as part of our client, executing individual process and mechanical design scopes as they arise throughout the complex.