Peter Johnston – Piping Department Manager

Peter Johnston

Piping Department Manager

Peter Johnston has specialized in Piping since 2011 with a background in oil and gas facility layout and design. He has worked on many projects spanning from upstream gathering to downstream refinery work. His passion for shepherding clients through conceptual layout FEED studies, detailed design and construction, through facility As-Builts is self-evident. He has a broad experience from administrative CAD roles through project team leadership and client relations management. Peter has a BA in Studio Art with a Business Minor. Following the 2008 construction industry crash, he pivoted from the Fine Arts doing graphic design, illustration, and sculpture into the luxury then heavy construction industries. Formerly running a digital payment processing and ATM network company, he enjoys supporting hard commodity markets through his career. As a technologist and active practitioner of Photography, Peter brings an acute attention to detail whether working with his team in the field or behind computer screens. He is well versed in Digital Twin technologies, 3D Scanning and Modeling techniques.